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First game in the video. Loved this game! Good mix of humour and horror, jumpscare got me good.

check out my video.

Give a big shout out to TheThil for this short gameplay love the graphics and everything about this game that why I played two games out of one and TheTril if you have anymore games that you have creating by recommending me more of games....

I appreciate that. Thank you very much ❤️

Love the voice over =D

Guess I can now honestly say that I've had my cheeks clapped by a toilet...

I had fun with it! Great game! I especially enjoyed the quality of interactions, really well done!

Thank’s a lot <3


loved it again! And the new ending was great! Great Job TheThill! 

TheThil** ;) anyway thank’s for playing <3


Both laughed and got scared, you earned those 5 stars!

Loved it! :)

I Played... It´s.. how can I describe... just watch :)

Funny five stars


one of the most dumb game ever but the graphics was sweet!

check out my video!


Not gonna lie,that was one of the most dumb games i ever played😂still a pretty fun game and that toaster gave me a heart attack😅

My girlfriend tried this-- and was jump scared by the toaster. xD

HAHA! <3


Nice Game!!!, A few unexpected scares, hahahaha
Recommended 8/10

I rated this game 5 stars because it made me laugh so many times. A perfect blend of spooky and dumb humor that I am 100% here for!


HAHA! Thx bro! <3

Why must toilets be so scary, can't I poop in peace.


Alright I tried not to laugh or get scared but I lost at doing both. How did you guys do?

This game was Funny! and interesting xD Wish there was more of a scare factor but overall would love to see more of this! here is my walk-through :)

Haha this game hilarious, but you can jump too because of this game. i hope dev can make more ending.

great job dev !!

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Esta bueno el juego pero tiene demasiado diálogo. Podría haber menos.

Yo me and my friends were DYING laughing playing this game! It was also scarier then expected lol.

HAHA! Thank’s a lot! :D

This is supposed to be ME time, not me worrying if my toilet will consume me hahaha there are a lot of nice touches to the game for it being soo short! I genuinely had an awesome experience! I only wish the story was stretched out a bit, that's it.

Great Work!

Thank you for playing :D

Hey, great game had fun playing it.

Thank’s :D

I love this game so much. Absolutely worth the download, worth every second I put into playing it. 

Thank you so much bro <3

Okay ehmmm it’s funny ! 😂😂😂


I definitely rate this hilarious game 5 stars. I was trying my best not to laugh the entire time.

HAHA! Thank you so much for playing :D

it was fire tbh

Thx ;)



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There is no glitch my friend ;) All items are spawning properly. This was checked many times.

Book spawns: kichen chair, kichen trash bin, bedroom shelf, bedroom pantry, TV room under the table ;)

Key can spawn in every drawer in bedroom/kitchen, in TV shelf(2 black doors), 2 closets in TV room,

Handle is always in the basement, 3 lockers, 3 shelves(left, front, right), 1 wooden box near jumpscare locker ;)


The game is an awesome one! Made me laugh and shout during my playthrough haha. As promised, your 5 stars, sir! 


HAHAH! Thank you very much bro :D


this was a good game will say did make me laugh and did scary me a few time lol so i will hold up my end and give a 5 star

Thank you very much :D

your welcome


Thanks for the game! it was really fun :D but had a small lag during the cutscene and its due to my computer :( overall enjoyed the game and the whole small puzzle into it ^ -^

Thank you very much :D

Thank you for the game ^- ^ 

Not sure what i just played but I loved it.

Thank you very much :D

hey guys, are you ok? I really liked this game, fast and straight to the scare I need games like this to bring to the BR community, excellent work

Thank you very much :D

great game i really enjoyed it!!!!!

Thank you so much :)

I laughed, I jumped... toilet humor = great success. Strange Toilet is the first in this video!


Thank you so much :D

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