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Short little horror game that doesn't take itself too seriously, i enjoyed the TV section as you used a recording of yourself (or someone else) and made a news channel with it, that was very creative and hope to see more. Thank you for making this! 2nd Game.


Thank’s for playing! Yup that was my friend in the tv.

yo yo yo dojo in the chat 

really enjoyed this game, only thing i would say is i wish it was a little longer and had abit more in the way of multiple ending for example answering the phone or not, it would of been cool for both endings to be different but really good game if you want to check out my gameplay here it is any support is appreciated

Yup I watched it before you posted it here ;)

Honestly... this game is amazing!  If you don't mind a bit of funny crude humor mixed in with your scares then this game is actually really cool!  

Going for 6000 subs on YouTube now, would love for you to check out my content!

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I’m reading every comment and watching every video ;) Thank’s for playing buddy ;)

Let me know when you release more!

Well that was interesting, haha. I couldn't resist checking out a game about a cursed toilet. It caught my attention immediately. Pretty cool little game though. Thanks for the fun!

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Thank’s for playing :) Yeah this title is catchy haha

NGL this game scared the Sh*t out of me! Honestly though, I love how over the top silly this game is with a few good, well earned jumpscares! GREAT JOB!

Thank’s a lot!!!

The return of DEATH FLUSH!!

Full PLay No Commentary :) 

Thank’s for playing bro ;)

Interesting game. You may want to add a skip for the news in case someone wants to play again.

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Thank’s for playing buddy! (work in progress…)

you can actually go inside  the bathroom before women closes the door but you will get trapepd and the women is gon

Yup I know I’m working on a update and it will be fixed soon ;) Also there will be another ending. :) Thank’s for the feedback!

is it  gonna be the same ending

It is now the same but it won’t be in the future ;)

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This was a cool horror game revolving around a serial killer and 2 innocent people. I enjoyed the playthrough of the game where I laughed at the part when the main character exited the toilet due to the funny conversation and I also laughed at the contents on the note. The game had an interesting storyline and more could have been done to prolong the game since the serial killer enjoys playing games with his victims so it would be cool if there were puzzles and more random things added to the game so that the player can do more things in the game and suffer from more jumpscares or scary events, making the game more enjoyable.

I was a little disappointed that the endings for answering and not answering the phone call were the same though XD. Would be cool if there were different endings!

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Hi there! I always read all comments from players. I wrote a comment under your episode!

This game is very weird but neat. Made me jump and chuckle a couple times.


Thank’s for playing ;)

The game is well made and fun but it definitely left me wanting more, the models and map were impressive though!

Thank’s for playing buddy, I posted comment on your video ;)

This game is the shit! I'll see myself out...

Anyway thank’s for playing ;)

Thanks for the laugh and the game!

Full Gameplay + Ending

Thank’s for playing ;)

I will never poop the same way.


Thank’s for playing buddy ;)

thank you for making some dreams of mine come true :D hope you enjoy the vid :D

Thank’s for playing buddy ;) Sending u a kiss 😘

hahaha thanx :D

love the news segment
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Thank’s for playing dude ;) Also wait for an update :)

this game was a 10/10 i loved it lol 

Thank’s for playing my friend ;)

You're not even safe in the bathroom anymore. Creepy and fun game. Great work! 

Hahah, thank’s a lot ;)


Thank’s for playing ;)

Ha, intrigued to see what antics the toilet gets up to next :D

Gameplay starts at 10:54

Thank’s for playing bro ;)

Lovely Game :) Hope to see more!!!

Yup thank’s for playing! I’m currently working on a big update ;)

WOW, i´m glad to hear, i would like to play the new version as well :)

The game is very interesting. I hope it is well developed to the point of becoming a complete game, with more endings. Congratulations.

Thank’s buddy ;)

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Uma cagada estranha 


Thank’s for playing ;)

i love your game great job :):):)

Thank’s for playing bro ;)

I don't know what to say... A masterpiece?... Maybe. Just wait for that twist at the end that really knocks you off your feet!

Thank’s for playing bro ;)

is this bug?

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Oh thank you so much I forget to add collision here ;) It will be fixed in the next bigger update with a new ending ;)

really looking forward to it

Great game! I had a good laugh lol

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Thank’s for playing bro ;)



Thank’s for playing ;)

It was literally a toilet killer. Nice. I thought the news segment went on for a little too long.

Yeah I now, I think I will cut a small peace of it to make it shorter, anyway thank’s for playing ;)

Great game, scary and funny as well... Good job DEV!!!...

Thank you bro I really appreciate that!

No problem and thanks for you also bro!!

played both endings and i gotta say, i can feel how much effort went into everything here right down to the writing of the dialogue. i can tell you all had a lot of fun making this and i can't wait to see more!

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Yup it make me cry sometime and I will also try to make something more to this game in the future. PS. Also thank’s a lot for playing ;)

Watch my video or i'm shidding in your toilet

(funny and scary game btw made me jump lol)


Yup I watched it ;)


Didn't expect to be making a video on this today lol.

Anyways I really enjoyed it and the voice acting was cracking me up.

Also, I'm doing a 100-day upload challenge if you want to stop by :D

Don’t stop bro! U are doing great job, keep it up ;)

Thank you very much!

I had no idea what to expect from this game, but it was really funny! I have never before died in a video game in quite that way. Thanks for the fun :)

Haha yeah right, thank’s a lot for playing ;)

Good luck with your work... good

I'm waiting for you on my channel ..and if you like subscribe


 scary game

Love the graphics and story. Great jump scare too! The layout of the home is well done. Game here: 

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I watched your video 10 times or more hah I really enjoyed it and thank’s for playing again ;)

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Yup, totally it’s very scary ;)

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