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Strange Toilet 2 has been released! Go play it right after this!


In the quiet neighborhood where Nathan and Sarah live, there is an ominous presence. A potential threat from a murderer on the loose. The residents did not expect that on this peaceful evening, they would be confronted with a grim reality they never anticipated.


This game was made in less than 2 weeks by a single person. (me)


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Updated 1 day ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(308 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Comedy, Creepy, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Spooky, Story Rich, Voice Acting
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Polish
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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[StrangeToilet] ver.4.0 [Latest].rar 428 MB

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Seems like i'll be flushing my toilet more often and giving this a 5 star rating

Awesome! Thanks for playing!

Damn, I ended up shitting the bed!! How many different endings are there? Funny game

Only slightly different 2 endings :D Thanks for playing! You can check out the second game :D

amazing game XD alternative TITLE I came up with: NIGDY NIE SRAJCIE O 3 W NOCY!!! XD

Dzięki za zagranie ;D

What a strange toilet indeed, loved the story too;


Thanks for playing!

I had a great time playing this game! if anybody would like to check the video out it's the second gameplay!

Thanks for playing!

The title doesn't lie. It's quite strange and i was entertained throughout. 3rd game in the video

Thanks for playing :D

Skibidi toilet the prequel

Nah I don’t think so ;)

good game, had so much fun, 10/10

P.s. fix captions on news cutscene, they are going a lil bit too faster than news

Hey! Thank you very much for playing and thanks for the feedback!

my computer got scared so i got blue screened lmaoo

funny ;D

very silly game, liked it alot

some of the jump scares got me real good

keep it up


Good Game!


One of the funniest (but with a good spooky element) games i have played in a while, honestly loved it, boosted my mood so much! Will defo play the second one :D Thank you!

Thank you very much <3


Lets be honest, not nearly as good as the first game. Kinda a pile of shit as the game implies. You're better than this, it shouldn't be some amnesia rip off.

What do you mean?

The first game was both scary enough and humorous enough to keep people engaged. Look I don't mean to be brutal here but I questioned if this was even made by you. It's a significant drop in quality from the first game, which was fantastic.

So you say that Strange Toilet 1 is better than 2? That’s what I understood.


scary toilet goes brrr , nice game i almost died from a heart attack 


Nice graphics and quite atmospheric. Not as many jumpscares as I thought there might have been but nonetheless still a good game.

Thanks for this one.

Thank you!

mega scary game, i should check my pants

Haha! Thank you for playing!

Funny game I couldn't stop laughing

Awesome! Thanks!

Alright my guy, you earned your 5 stars

Thank you very much!! :D

I put your game on my "must play" list. Thank you again for the game and for the weird experience. 👊

Thank you very much!

Toilet humor at its best.


Thank you for making this short game. I had alot of fun! 🤭🚽Good job keep up. 


Very strange but fun game

Thank you!

Had some fun with this!

Glad to hear!

(1 edit)

why do i pooped my pants when i sleep

Bad dream and you were very scared ;D


bro the shitting momment bro


This was a lot of fun and my soul left my body, so i have to give you 5 stars lol!


I had a lot of fun and a good laugh with this game


Awesome! Thanks!


This was both scary and funny, and I really enjoyed it.

Thank you for your wonderful work♪


Thank you for playing!

i like shiting in toilets

Me too ;D

I laughed and I got a fright so take your 5 stars :P 


Awesome! Thanks!

Very silly. LOVED IT! The second one was even better (posting that playthrough soon)!

Thanks for playing!

How this game made me laugh and scared as the same time, i love it

Thanks for playing! :DD

the game was pretty goofy honestly, but i still enjoyed it, haha




Thanks for playing!

Great Game!

Thanks for playing!

i had too much fun in this one LOL 10/10 man! will be playing the sequel for sure!

Awesome! Can’t wait to see the sequel! ;D

WOW! Really amazing, loved every second of it!

Awesome! Check out the second game!

I still got no idea how to get the golden poop but very fun either way, my compliments to you good sir!

Golden Poop is in one of the toilets in the boss arena ;D

Ok so I do indeed give this game 10/10 stars for the laughs in between jumpscares, but me being Mr jumpy rabbit I am, the latter is inevitable. Good game, a little gross at the end but I love me some old "toilet humour" if you catch my drift XD

Thanks for playing! There is also second game to play!

I will definately be taking a look at it when I can

Estuvo gracioso.

I also made a no commentary version.

Awesome! Thank you for playing!

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