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THIS WAS SO STRANGE. But kind of amazing!? Thank you for the game lol. I even lit the little candles. >u<

Really fun, got one good scare out of me and several laughs.

Thanks for the laugh! :)

No problem :D hope to see you in future games!

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Hell yea! There are a bunch of toilet related games but this was just so fun that I had to play it twice. It made me laugh from the dialogue and just the concept alone! Made me want more from this world!

bloody toilet

The initial sound got me laughing alread


awesome mate! :D

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I got scared. First time posting a comment to Itch, but I actually enjoyed this indie game quite a bit, definitely a fun time. 

silly and funny, great game


Had lots of fun with this. Great job guys! Nice game, I enjoyed the scary parts and also the funny ones. Made a spanish gameplay, hope you enjoy it! :D PD: You won, you got your 5 stars.


2nd in the video… don’t take my criticism too roughly lol. I know what you were going for here and overall you did a good job. Like I said, I’m just a guy who makes horror gaming videos. Don’t take my commentary too harshly. I just have my own opinion on games lol. I’ve played ALOT of horror/comedy games. 

Nice job on the game, it was weird but I loved it. Keep up the good work!

I didnt know what to expect but I loved it!

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so i recently checked out your game lol :) it was great.

here is my playthrough on youtube .

As promised 5 stars it, 1st game

Great, great game. Really funny, rated 5 stars. You can watch the gameplay here :

Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?  

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it’s all up to you I can’t do anything with it :)



good game

I laughed, yelled and got scared lol but it is an amazing game!! 

There are some positives here! A few spooks and some actually funny parts. I wouldn't mind seeing more!

nice game and funny


Strange but fun little game. Still have no idea what the lighter was for... :)

lighter was for the pentagram in the basement :)

pretty fun little game! the tv part was a bit boring and didnt need to be so long but still a good little game!

that game is pretty good

creepy game

Poopy game sPoOkEd Me

let's go friends

:D 2 get 2 ending. Thank you for game

Thank you for playing <3

Man, great jumpscares. The loudness really got me lol. I do think the TV show was quite long in my opinion. Everything else was really well done. 

Thank’s for playing :)

Gotta give this game 5 stars, it made me laugh and made me rethink my life with one jump scares....10/10 game would play again.


I went into this game not expecting much at all. Turned out it was better made than i expected and I actually enjoyed it and got a good laugh. Keep up the good work.


Thank’s a lot ❤️

5 stars of course its a really good and fun game.

Seriously hilarious and definitely made me jump! Great job Developer!!!

Great game the first scare got me Goodjob!

Game gets 5 stars for me, why? Toast.

;D Thank’s for playing <3

ima open files so i can pla

You Are Funny

the toaster had no right being THAT scary


🤗 ;)

Hey, I played one of your games for 3 scary games and I loved this one! Graphis were amazing and I like the concept.

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