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not bad

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Best ending to a game ever. Game of the year for sure! 10/9

lol this was actually pretty good

I enjoyed the game. I can see how some people wouldn't like the humor, but for me I enjoyed it! & the freaking toaster! Sounded like a bomb going off in my ear loll! Got me good!

Honestly, I didn't really like this game as the humor didn't land for me, but underneath the humor I think there is a good base for a horror game. 


So the game made me both laugh and scared so that makes it a 10*. Brilliant job on the game really well done loved the combination of humour and horror. Keep up the good work 👍

this game is very stin

Great Game. It have it all from jump scares to atmospheric horror to amazing graphics. Cheers! 

Very good game :) 

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I did not expect that ending!! 

wonderful game i really enjoyed it cant wait for the next update i played this game in my 3 random horror games series

I thought it was a joke game

but when I played it I got a good scare :'c

Great Game!

Great quick game! That toaster really got me...Hope to see more from you soon!

You have 100% guarantee! Thanks for the support!

awesome! Thank you :)

cool game

Very Fun Game, hate that people cant enjoy a little Humor now and then. This was surprisingly good!!!


your game is shit i hope you kys


same to you ;)


why so serious

Now that was the highlight of this day. Great comedic horror game! The clip below describes what i think of this game! 

Interesting and different game - Funny and scary at the same time (I wasn't sure that was possible (Possum"ble") but now I know it is - very well done.

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Although this was hilarious, the jumpscares definitely got me! I had a great time playing!

Bon petit jeu j ai bien aimer :]

This was an awesome game!! Definitely have to reward it 5 Stars ... You'll understand once you play the game 😉

Freaking awesome game made me laughed from the start with the shitting sound. Also, almost game me a freaking heart attack when I went into the basement. F that locker!!!!

Haha great to hear! Stay tuned for the next game!

why is it $1.50 but 100% off


just the right amount of strange in my toilet 

i love horror games that are not always too serious great game 

Great game I loved the mix between humour and horror! Would love to play more horror games like this!


I was afraid at least as much i was laughing during the game :D 10/10

Hungarian gameplay / Magyar végigjátszás:

As much as I was afraid to play it because atmospherically I hate scary games, I've been challenging myself this month to just play some scary ones. 

This had a good balance between humor and horror! TO ANYONE READING: NOTHING IS GONNA RUN AT YOU. YOU'LL BE OKAY.


Thank you for playing buddy! :D

This was a great game! The jump scares were loud and effective, the characters and the story were good, and dialogue was hilarious, I loved it! This is my playthrough, it's the 1st vid :)


I... I don't even know where to start with this one. Man, this game was such a good time, start to finish (both finishes). Absolutely loved the hell out of this game, and it grabs your attention from the first second loading in. Played as part of a 3 Scary Games video, time stamps in the description to jump to the game.

Thank you very much ;) I’m currently working on strange toilet the forgotten shit. Believe me or not it’s gonna be fire ;)

I can't wait to see it! I bet the game, and the shit are both gonna be fire! Make sure it's spicy food night!

the greatest game ive ever played

Great job dev. A spooky game which is fun to play and super immersive.

Thank you buddy! :D

We played this for our spooky month event! And let me tell you, we definitely shit at least once. Thanks for making this, it was a great time!

THIS WAS SO STRANGE. But kind of amazing!? Thank you for the game lol. I even lit the little candles. >u<

Really fun, got one good scare out of me and several laughs.

Thanks for the laugh! :)

No problem :D hope to see you in future games!

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Hell yea! There are a bunch of toilet related games but this was just so fun that I had to play it twice. It made me laugh from the dialogue and just the concept alone! Made me want more from this world!

bloody toilet
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