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Had  a ton of fun with this one! Love the humor. 

Glad to hear thank you very much!

This was so fun, got to do the full walkthrough <3


Thank you! <3

As said in the game, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. This game is great, a really good dose of laughter and thrills! All Jumpscares work very well! pleasure ! And last, yeah..... the end boss.... so difficult T_T but it's a real satisfaction to get through it 

Thank you very much my friend! I really appreciate it!

Even better than the first one, although I raged at that end fight lol 


Don’t worry you did well! Thanks for playing!


Awesome! Thanks for playing!

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Of course!

Again this is one amazing game i ever play and it's funny and scary 

Awesome! Thank you for playing!

I wanted to be the king but alas in darkness i failed. One toilet short.

Happy to see you back good sir

Hey! Thanks for playing! I appreciate it!

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Noone asked for sequel ;D

This game is hilarious 😂 I had a great time

Thanks for playing!

I had such a good time with this!!! Great Game!

Thanks for playing!

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Nice Game


o final é muito difícil, não consegui zerar!

Thanks for playing!

Just as weird as the first, love it

Thanks for playing!

This Game is Beautiful...

Appreciate it! Thank you brother!

Absolutely awesome!  Well-made game for sure. 3 endings I'd rather not do cause the boss fight takes too long.  Other than that, great job!!

Thank you so much! Yeah I’ll work on that boss a little.

This was a lot more fun than the first one! It took me 3 attempts to beat the boss, though lmaooo

I only did ending 3 because I was not gonna fight him again for the other 2 endings.  :(

I recently updated the game and made the boss a little easier. You can try again now if you want. Save files are compatible with dofferent game versions. (I also changed some tutorial info)

Good improvement from the first game.

The last part of the game is quite difficult for me xD, but overall great game


Awesome! Thank you for playing! I might change the boss difficulty.

Great improvement from the first game, still keeping that goofy aspect to it. I liked the final boss, but I do feel like it was a very long boss fight for a horror game and having to repeat the fight for each different ending was a bit much. Intrigued to see if they’ll be a part 3 none the less! 

Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts!

If you're reading this message, never drill the toilet.

Because it's.. poo... poop hahahahahaha!!

(You can't read it anymore because it's stained with poop)

Alright then ;D

WHY IS IT SO LOUD? | Strange Toilet 2: The Forgotten Sh*t (ALL Endings) | Indie Horror [Comedy] Game

This game is incredible. From the jump scares, to the poop jokes, to the puzzles! What more could you want out of a game?!

Thank you so much friend!

This game was so well made i loved both games but this one was a solid 8/10

also, Piano play funni song



Really fun game, i didn't expect the game to be that good compared to the first one it was way more surprising.
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I really appreciate that! Thanks!

KOCAK Gamenya!  awal-awal bingung bata buat apaan taunya dilempar, kasihan banget ama orang desa yang gk bisa berak wkwk . Keren pokoknya.

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Bon travail




Hell yeah! :D

played both number one and this one in one video, was not expecting the step up from the first to this one, great game!

Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much friend! Much love!

This Game was even funnier then the first one I got scared a few times as well good job!

Thank you very much!

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the game was so amazing keep up the good work man i give it a 25/10

Thank you buddy!

THIS GAME IS AMAZING!! Love the first ending!

Thank you very much bro!

i have an i core 2 , will it work,no graphics card btw

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I don’t know. I tested on i3 6th gen with intergrated graphics, 8 gigs of ram and extremely low settings, lowest posible resolution and all effects turned off. + window mode instead of fullscreen (got around 20-30 fps) Maybe you can try. But it won’t perform too good.



Nice game can't wait for Strange Toilet 3 to get released 


Best game ever mate. I'm loving it xDD

I like the jump scares, they got me 10/10

HAHAHA Thank you for playing!

Nice Well Done

Thank you so much!

amazing job, much better than the fist one, keep it up!


Good game! 10/10




As a shitting pants Olimpics 2 times winner title holder, I would kindly recommend to prepare some additional equipment for this one. Cheers


very cool game 15/10


A pretty cool indie horror game with a deep storyline and well-designed comics.  Plus, it has its own BossAI, which gives players some difficulty. And, of course, more than one ending.

Wow thank you very much!

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